Creative Code Libraries


Graphics libraries make it easier to write objects to a canvas or SVG.

They typically give you tools to create, manage, move, and set listeners on items.


Tweening libraries move things from point A to B.

It's called tweening because they handle the action "between" the assigned points.


3D libraries typically give you the ability to make primitives - planes, rectangles, and spheres.

You can design more complicated objects in a modeling program. You're constrained by polygons.

You don't need to be a 3D modeler, you can do a lot of clever things just with primitives.


Physics libs give your objects "real world" heft—gravity, inertia, and collisions.

If you've played Angry Birds, you've seen the basics of a physics engine.

They're also seriously constrained by the number of objects, particularly when you want collisions.


These require another device that the user must own.

The devices broadcast a stream of events for JavaScript to consume.


Other platforms to explore: